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Whether you’re a rebellious teen trying to find your’ niche’, a busy mum struggling to find the time, a career woman intent only on success or a home-maker whose social outings include popping round the shops and down to the bottom of the garden to hang out the washing… (phew.., breathe.., that sentence was probably too long) IT’S IMPORTANT TO LOOK GOOD IN ORDER TO FEEL SPECIAL.  In my opinion at least.

I walk to work in the morning, on arrival I change into my uniform, after work put my own clothes back on and I walk home again.  Still, I would never feel happy walking out of the door in the morning, in anything less than ordinary clothing.  I would never leave in a tracksuit, fleece or trainers (but thumbs up to the office workers who choose comfort as opposed to heels in the morning – that’s OK!).  I enjoy clothing, it’s my art – as corny as that sounds – and I wouldn’t start the day as I mean to go on if I weren’t feeling creative or inspired.

There may be many reasons why you can’t be bothered to up your style in the morning:

LACK OF TIME:  This is probably a factor for the majority of people, preparation is key.  I hate rushing to get ready in the morning, any amount of free time I have is best spent drinking coffee, watching the news and eating a hearty breakfast – I couldn’t function with any less than two out of the three.  It makes a huge difference if you prepare an outfit for the next day, the night before.  You don’t have to try things on if you can’t be bothered, just pick one piece of clothing (or one accessory) and work around it.  For example, if I pick a beaded turquoise necklace to wear the next day, I would consider which colours might work well with it – orange or dusky pink perhaps – and turn to my wardrobe for complimentary items in those colours.  Add a scarf encompassing all of the colours in your ensemble and voilà, you have an outfit prepared.  If you’re feeling especially creative at that moment in time why not put a few outfits together and hang them in your wardrobe ready for another day.  The most vital piece of advice is dont stray from your original outfit – you will only waste time and end up going back to your first idea!!

LACK OF ENERGY:  Again, another factor which probably affects most of us.  I can’t pretend to understand the life and times of a busy mum, I have a HUGE amount of respect for them but if you don’t have to think too much about getting dressed then you’ll find more time to clean up the baby poop!  I think it’s brilliant when mums invest a little bit of time into preening themselves.  Use statement accessories (belts, scarves and jewellery) with a classic jeans and tee combo, easy, and I also think Harem trousers would be a great investment as they are so easy to wear and hide the post baby weight!

WHAT’S THE POINT:  If you’re not going out for the day then what’s the point?  Imagine yourself as a student.  If you lounge around the house all day in slippers and jogging bottoms instead of getting dressed and heading down to library, do you think you would get nearly as much work done?  No, it just makes you feel lazy and sloppy.  You never know what will come up during the day or who you meet so if you put on a lovely outfit you’ll feel much better about yourself and if you decide to go somewhere, you can just walk out the door.  Of course I love duvet days, lounging around watching films or reading a book, but those days are planned.  If you wake up and spend the day lazing around in your pyjamas when you could be ticking off a chore list, trailing around the the charity shops or visiting an art gallery that day is wasted, and you won’t feel great about yourself.  So, get up, get showered and put on something nice!

Unfortunately or not, we live in a society that defines people by their appearance.    It is impossible to look your best at every hour of the day, perfection isn’t the goal here.  Living a life that involves being dolled-up to the nines day and night is a recipe for stress!  What’s important is to live life to the full, learn to love your body as it is now and ENJOY dressing up.  Your outward image also encompasses everything from posture and self-image to body language.  More often than not, if you look good you feel great a positive self-image follows on naturally from that.  Brilliant.  It becomes unhealthy when individuals begin to compare themselves against unrealistic and unattainable icons, but I’m talking about knowing who you are and having the confidence to portray that on the outside.  In reality, each and every figure flaw you may have; the spot on your nose, a bootylicious bum, dreaded cellulite or a few extra pounds that week are NEVER really noticed by anyone other than yourself.  Really!


Needle in a haystack

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Welcome to the world of the wardrobe weeder. I am here to help with all your styling needs! Being a great believer in style over fashion ‘fads’, I would rather a classic white shirt than the new all in one adult babygro from funzee – even if Rhianna does own one, even if they do cure a hot toddie hangover and might just get us through the 65mph winds expected in and around Edinburgh and beyond this coming week… ok so funzee is an exception in this case! I’m putting it on my Christmas list right away! I apologise for mentioning Christmas on the 8th of November, it won’t happen again. Although I did have my first mince pie last week and felt all warm and tingly inside… But the point i am trying to make is that ‘fads’ are the fashions we aren’t supposed to wear. They have a limited life expectancy and are swiftly pushed to the back of our wardrobes and the back of our minds in a flash. 1:0 to style. Style will always comfort us in times of need, support us through our toughest wardrobe crisis and be there for us on our first date in the form of a classic LBD (little black dress to those who are still learning!). A fashion ‘fad’ is the enemy, the frenemy, the office bitch who taps her watch as you arrive 2 minutes late for work the week before your appraisal and that long awaited pay-rise you had in mind to buy the latest ‘fad’. Don’t. Invest in a classic. ‘Fads’ creep up on us when we least expect it, mess with our heads then disappear as though they never existed. And they did exist, as much as we’d like to destroy the photographic evidence. Avoid fads at all costs. If you own a crop top, harem pants, bloomers or bumsters and don’t have the fashion credentials or confidence to pull them off … Im talking to YOU! I’m not saying don’t have fun, because while i’m a great believer in style, I appreciate it in ALL forms. From the psychedelic punk to the grim Goth – I take inspiration from all walks of life. Everyone has something to offer. I’m just a needle in a very big haystack, but boy am I determined to sew my way to the top and find those answers you’ve been looking for!

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