Weird and Wonderful Footwear

April 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

I stumbled upon some interesting footwear while researching for the previous post:

Feet shoes? If you like it au natural without the pain...

One step further...

Next time you think you have no shoes to wear. Think again.

Ill have mine to go

Try sliding into these babies



Don’t be a sheep.

February 11, 2011 § 1 Comment


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“This season your wardrobe simply must take on a 70’s, hippy-esque vibe meets ballet inspired romanticism with just touch of neon. Oh, and add to that a turban and one statement earing – that’s ONE – for good measure…”

Stop. Think. I’ll continue…

Would you as the above ‘article’ said, would you dash out to the shops, purchase new items and entirely change your look in favour of a more trend led style?! Season’s are a-changing but that doesn’t mean you have to become an entirely different person. Personally I love it when I’m not ‘fashionable’ because it means that I don’t have to walk down the street and come face-to-face with someone else wearing exactly the same as I am.

Why do we consult the pages of the fashion magazines in order to ‘find out’ how we should be dressing each season?? I’m neither shunning fashion journalism nor stopping shopping I’m merely musing. Hmmm. To be a truly stylish fashionista surely it’s imperative that you’re one step ahead of the game, no? We must predict and interpret each trend as opposed to slavishly following them! Relish your individualism, and cherish your personal take on ‘fashion’. So why oh why do we feel the need to copy those peeps on the pretty pages of a magazine.

When it comes to celebrities, I don’t know why anyone would want to mirror their style. To be honest it is manufactured, apart from the few who shop for themselves – your Sienna’s & Kate Moss’s – celebrities are generally shopped-for and advised-on and quite often the middle (wo)man goes unmentioned. Take Cheryl for example, yes, Miss Cole (Or is it Tweedy now). Somewhere in the transition from ‘velour tracksuits complete with trucker cap’ to ‘skinny-jeans & chiffon blouse’, a fairy godmother must have waved her wardrobe weeding wand. I was however once the owner of a pair of Adidas popping trackies… But back to Cheryl, I don’t believe for one minute that she progressed naturally from chav to chic.

Have fun with fashion and don’t be led by the trends this season! You are more stylish than you know…

Is there a fashion trend you wish you’d stayed away from? Let me know your thoughts.

Needle in a haystack

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Welcome to the world of the wardrobe weeder. I am here to help with all your styling needs! Being a great believer in style over fashion ‘fads’, I would rather a classic white shirt than the new all in one adult babygro from funzee – even if Rhianna does own one, even if they do cure a hot toddie hangover and might just get us through the 65mph winds expected in and around Edinburgh and beyond this coming week… ok so funzee is an exception in this case! I’m putting it on my Christmas list right away! I apologise for mentioning Christmas on the 8th of November, it won’t happen again. Although I did have my first mince pie last week and felt all warm and tingly inside… But the point i am trying to make is that ‘fads’ are the fashions we aren’t supposed to wear. They have a limited life expectancy and are swiftly pushed to the back of our wardrobes and the back of our minds in a flash. 1:0 to style. Style will always comfort us in times of need, support us through our toughest wardrobe crisis and be there for us on our first date in the form of a classic LBD (little black dress to those who are still learning!). A fashion ‘fad’ is the enemy, the frenemy, the office bitch who taps her watch as you arrive 2 minutes late for work the week before your appraisal and that long awaited pay-rise you had in mind to buy the latest ‘fad’. Don’t. Invest in a classic. ‘Fads’ creep up on us when we least expect it, mess with our heads then disappear as though they never existed. And they did exist, as much as we’d like to destroy the photographic evidence. Avoid fads at all costs. If you own a crop top, harem pants, bloomers or bumsters and don’t have the fashion credentials or confidence to pull them off … Im talking to YOU! I’m not saying don’t have fun, because while i’m a great believer in style, I appreciate it in ALL forms. From the psychedelic punk to the grim Goth – I take inspiration from all walks of life. Everyone has something to offer. I’m just a needle in a very big haystack, but boy am I determined to sew my way to the top and find those answers you’ve been looking for!

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