A little bit about me…

I’m a bit of a geek

I collect beautiful and inspiring magazines from around the world, anything that wouldn’t grace the shelves at the local newsagents.

I love to surround myself with books sourced from the library, which I’ve found is quite an expensive hobby; fines owed currently stand at £6.40.

I love to travel and enjoy every aspect of it, from long train journeys across open plains to exploring the cobbled streets of quaint little towns.  I hope to visit Iceland or Cuba next.

My favourite colours are lime green and dusky pink, although not when combined.

I love tea and would NEVER turn down a cup, I’m a dunker with a preference for HobNobs.

I love love love nothing more than spending my days off wandering around Edinburgh’s charity shops and – on more than one occasion – have found myself in a slightly dodgy area in my quest to find a bargain!

In reference to the above, I walk at 100 mph so these pursuits don’t take me very long at all.

I would secretly love to own an iReader, but enjoy the musty smell of old books too much.

I love feathers, lace and the odd sequin thrown in the mixer and would LOVE to have been born in the 1920’s.

I am extremely competitive.

I dream of one day becoming a world famous DJ.  For now, I am available for house parties and pub discos…


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