Is it just me or did Edinburgh just become fashionable? Chanel take over is fine by me.

December 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ok, so true to form I haven’t blogged in a while.  I’ll go with the usual excuse a la ‘nae time’ but quite often it’s difficult to source fashionable inspiration in Edinburgh.  I regularly look for local fashion events and more often than not, all that’s available is a mere retail launch or degree show.  The last fashion show I went to in Glasgow was embarrassing to say the least.  A wee lassie from Troon introduced each section as 80’s bridesmaid dresses made their way down the ‘runway’. The Sunday Herald were there to take photos and left very disappointed halfway through… We are a world away from the yearly events in Paris, London and New York but this year something something special happened.  Karl chose Scotland.  Not Karl Kennedy but Karl LARGERFELD.  First he saved Hawick cashmere mill in the scottish borders, then he saved every fashionista in Edinburgh and little old me.  Linlithgow Palace was deemed fit for the king and his annual Metiers d’Art show will be held there on Tuesday 4th Dec.  Over 1000 guests are making there way to Edinburgh and placing us on the mode map. Edinburgh is cool, literally at -1 degrees.  As if we needed more fresh air Chanel has breathed new life into the capital.  I have friends tweeting from all over Edinburgh about the streams of fashionable faces gracing our cobbled streets.  One friend tweets from a meeting at The Cale – where most invitees are staying – to say most are dressed in black and very chic.  Shock.  It’s inspiring and makes me want to kick off my hunter wellies and throw my tweed coat to the floor.  Thank you Chanel!  Follow @CC_Linlithgow on twitter to get involved in the action.  


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