Thank you Facebook, I owe you one.

June 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

A few days ago I launched The Wardrobeweeder on facebook, a few days before that I decided to make my personal facebook page evermore private…

My thoughts were if someone wants to contact me then they can send a private message, what’s wrong with that?  I decided not to delete it entirely for fear of losing all contact with the wonderful people I’ve met from around the globe in recent years!  Gone are the days of pen pals, pigeons (or was it owls…) and even phone calls!  So Facebook will stay – that was always a given – even if only through gritted teeth.  But, having seen The Wardrobeweeder grow and grow in terms of it’s friend count in a matter of days I’m being pulled in two directions.  While I kind of hate the fact that you have to be ‘on it’ to be ‘in it’, I can’t help but praise it’s amazing social marketing effect. Facebook was set up as a social networking site, a way of bringing friends together in one (online) space to engage in conversation, photo sharing and general chit chat.  For the budding entrepreneur (such as myself!), I’ve learnt that Facebook really is a great tool for communicating with potential clients, peers and other businesses.  Twit twoo Twitter, Facebook is the way forward…

Add The-Wardrobeweeder on Facebook now!!


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§ 2 Responses to Thank you Facebook, I owe you one.

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