Introducing the Paleolithic skin diet…

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Never did my face sprout a blemish or spot of any relevance until the day I turned 25.  I was lucky enough in high school to avoid the morning battle between the white-headed beast and the mirror, which so many of my friends had to routinely endure.  I didn’t partake in the premature layering of foundation from the jaw upwards, but in the last two weeks I haven’t left the house without makeup.  I’ve been having serious skin trouble of late so I thought I’d share with you my first port of call in battling adult acne.  My friends and family would say I’m overreacting but underneath carefully applied concealer lies the secret I’m confessing to you now.  I’ve decided firstly change my diet.  I’m learning a lot about the steps to beautiful skin, and as it turns out people suffering from acne have trouble metabolising sugar properly.  My affair with sugar is over.  No more caramel lattes, sneaky muffins, baked beans, biscuits dipped in tea or chocolate fixes… for two weeks anyway.  My skin diet of choice is the paleolithic kind which you can find more about here.  It’s effectively a caveman’s diet but given the year we’re in no hunting is required.  I’m not a big fan of diets in general but this one has a purpose.  Join the club!  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


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