Out with the new(ish), In with the old. A seasonal guide to organising your clothes

April 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today I decided enough was enough.  I’m through with winter and the hats, gloves, scarves and coats it has entailed.   No longer will we cover our perfectly put together outfits with a big winter coat.  The sun is shining and surely three days of wearing sunglasses in a row is as good an indication as any that Summer is here baby!!  Plus, I saw a bee only yesterday, a sure sign.

Does everyone endure the yearly ritual of ousting winter apparel in favour of floral prints and playsuits, rattan and straw items deemed only suitable for Spring/Summer wearability?!  I certainly do, and it’s jolly well exciting too.  I reminisce over the life and times of each article as it’s placed neatly in drawers or suitably hung on vintage padded hangers.  I feel like I’ve gained an entirely new wardrobe in a number of minutes.  If you don’t partake in this systematic process, it’s time to begin!  Trust me, as you nervously stow away the jumper that is definitely too thick for a warm summers day but might be suitably cosy around a camp fire  – PUT IT AWAY, there are no ifs in this game.  Think about how each piece has brought you joy, and PUT IT AWAY.  You’ll feel better for it, forget about it and next year you’ll fall in love all over again.  For example there’s the FAUX fur coat which I wore to death.  It kept me warm on those cold and dark mornings and on one occasion got mild abuse from a passer-by in the street; “fur kills animals”.  Erm… I think you’ll find firstly, that im not wearing real fur, and secondly that fur does not kill animals.  No idea.  Then there’s the collar, my one true love… I am cautious about stowing away this beauty, but over-worn is an understatement.  There’s no point wasting valuable wardrobe space for items that probably wont be worn until the fist hint of snow, which in all honesty could be next week.  Fingers crossed that isn’t the case.

Storage is key here so you may want to invest in vacuum pack bags or simply utilise an old trunk.  And don’t use black bin liner – they are THE worst idea for both storage and transportation!!  They take up huge amounts of pace and look bloody awful and can be mistaken for rubbish, which is what they’re for.  So don’t use them, and I’ll tell you why…   As I was heading back down to Uni after a Summer at home, I’d left all the bags I wanted to be packed away in the car at the top of the stairs for my Dad to move.  The car was so full I had to leave a number of things behind which was rather annoying!  Anyway, we arrived in Glasgow and began unpacking the car and I spotted a bin liner and a box which I didn’t recognise.  It turned out to be utter rubbish, not belongings that were unessential in my new abode but literally RUBBISH!  We’d driven 400 odd miles with rubbish that had taken up valuable space in the car.  Ridiculous.

So, begin by packing away thick WOOLLEN CLOTHING ie jumpers, polo-necks, winter-knits, cardigans, knitted hotpants?  They were around for a bit, no?  It’s best they’re at the bottom so that the other items squash them flat.  Aha.  Next, pack away any LEATHER CLOTHING which you definitely won’t be wearing at the height of (a very sweaty) Summer!  I have leather trousers, a skirt and shorts which will be sorely missed but i’ll have the pleasure of them next winter.  Keep the leather jacket though!  You may also want to put away any PRINTS such as brocade, tartan or anything that’s more suited to Christmas parties etc…  Lastly pack away accessories such as scarves, winter hats, gloves, ear-warmers, muffs, ski-bands, thick legwarmers/tights.  Obviously if you own any FUR garments, chuck em’ in there too!  I tend to pack away very sparkly accessories too, which are more suited to Christmas time.  Pop a couple of lavender bags in there to keep the moths at bay and you’re all set.

Of course it’s brilliant to have a wardrobe which takes you season through season and from day to night, but I pack away my things mostly for the excitement of opening them up again next year.

Is it too early to fish out my flip-flops?  Yes, yes it is.

Next post:  A guide to looking after your clothes…


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