New year, new start.

January 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, in my quest to create the perfect wardrobe I have decided to de-clutter my own somewhat… Much like the fine line and tough call between best before and expiry dates, clothes too have a shelf life. When you’ve put it on, thought about wearing but swiftly strewn to the floor on more than one occasion then it’s time to take a trip to your nearest charity shop or sell a much-loved, but entirely wasted wardrobe item. It’s dead stock and it’s taking up vital space. If you cant see the wool for the tweeds…GET SELLING!

Ihave also decided that I will only deserve a new piece of clothing, which will contribute to my 30 piece capsule wardrobe, once I’ve sold another. I may only purchase items that are, pound for pound, the equivalent of what I have accumulated in my eBay-sales generated paypal account – the balance of which currently sits at £124.42. I have had many an eBay related chat lately, mainly because it takes over your life, what with the listing; watching, responding, posting and feedback giving – sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it for the 0.99p profit I generally make on most items.

I am currently caught up in a dispute over ’Grey patent granny chic vintage style Gabor loafers brogues flats’ namely; shoes. I’ll do anything, ANYTHING to avoid bad feedback but I’m losing the will to live. I also had to sit an eBay exam recently for describing a ‘chanel-esque bag’ as exactly that.  Moreover, much like bread, we seem to be suffering from parcel paper shortages so I need to find a solution to that, and soon. I know brown paper was perfect for wrapping Christmas parcels, perhaps with a wee tartan bow, but seriously people – some of us have a business to run and those bubble wrap envelopes just aren’t economical. But we’ll see how the next batch goes…  Anything that doesn’t sell on first attempt will be re-listed but failing a second chance offer will be sent packing off to my charity shop of choice, Shelter, and hopefully into the hands of a new owner who will cherish the item I so wistfully abandoned to the wayside. This way, I feel like I really am recycling my wardrobe.

I’m getting rid of pieces that I know are very cool and would sell very well in a vintage shop but don’t quite qualify as wall-art. And I have held onto items purely for their aesthetical value… on a hanger… on a wall. Weird. Sometimes on a hanger…on a picture. Weirder. My chosen piece is a gorgeous piece by Christopher Kane for Topshop circa 2005 in pastel peach reminiscent of the Edwardian age, with a modernist flash of neon green in the oversized zip. But we all have our own take on art. Funnily enough this dress was bought from eBay in the first place. But it looks great, and can be yet another storage solution to consider if you’re running out of room in the usual places where clothes are stored.  Please remember though the risks associated with placing pretty dresses out in the open, namely those fibre eating bastards we call moths. You can buy mini lavender bags from John Lewis and attach them to the hanger to keep the pests at bay! Happy selling!!


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