Is it just me or did Edinburgh just become fashionable? Chanel take over is fine by me.

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Ok, so true to form I haven’t blogged in a while.  I’ll go with the usual excuse a la ‘nae time’ but quite often it’s difficult to source fashionable inspiration in Edinburgh.  I regularly look for local fashion events and more often than not, all that’s available is a mere retail launch or degree show.  The last fashion show I went to in Glasgow was embarrassing to say the least.  A wee lassie from Troon introduced each section as 80’s bridesmaid dresses made their way down the ‘runway’. The Sunday Herald were there to take photos and left very disappointed halfway through… We are a world away from the yearly events in Paris, London and New York but this year something something special happened.  Karl chose Scotland.  Not Karl Kennedy but Karl LARGERFELD.  First he saved Hawick cashmere mill in the scottish borders, then he saved every fashionista in Edinburgh and little old me.  Linlithgow Palace was deemed fit for the king and his annual Metiers d’Art show will be held there on Tuesday 4th Dec.  Over 1000 guests are making there way to Edinburgh and placing us on the mode map. Edinburgh is cool, literally at -1 degrees.  As if we needed more fresh air Chanel has breathed new life into the capital.  I have friends tweeting from all over Edinburgh about the streams of fashionable faces gracing our cobbled streets.  One friend tweets from a meeting at The Cale – where most invitees are staying – to say most are dressed in black and very chic.  Shock.  It’s inspiring and makes me want to kick off my hunter wellies and throw my tweed coat to the floor.  Thank you Chanel!  Follow @CC_Linlithgow on twitter to get involved in the action.  


Thank you Facebook, I owe you one.

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A few days ago I launched The Wardrobeweeder on facebook, a few days before that I decided to make my personal facebook page evermore private…

My thoughts were if someone wants to contact me then they can send a private message, what’s wrong with that?  I decided not to delete it entirely for fear of losing all contact with the wonderful people I’ve met from around the globe in recent years!  Gone are the days of pen pals, pigeons (or was it owls…) and even phone calls!  So Facebook will stay – that was always a given – even if only through gritted teeth.  But, having seen The Wardrobeweeder grow and grow in terms of it’s friend count in a matter of days I’m being pulled in two directions.  While I kind of hate the fact that you have to be ‘on it’ to be ‘in it’, I can’t help but praise it’s amazing social marketing effect. Facebook was set up as a social networking site, a way of bringing friends together in one (online) space to engage in conversation, photo sharing and general chit chat.  For the budding entrepreneur (such as myself!), I’ve learnt that Facebook really is a great tool for communicating with potential clients, peers and other businesses.  Twit twoo Twitter, Facebook is the way forward…

Add The-Wardrobeweeder on Facebook now!!

Paleolithic diet dish: Prawns with curried vegetables

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This dish was so easy to make with the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 pack of cooked prawns
  • 1x pack of chantenay carrots
  • 1x red pepper
  • 1x small sweet potato
  • handful of coriander
  • 1/2 pack of rocket (or any green leaves!)
  • 2 teaspoons of curry powder
  • olive oil (on hand at all times!)
  • salt & pepper to season
The key to the paleolithic skin diet is to avoid processed foods, including ready made sauces and favourings, so I added a little heat and a lot of flavour to a variety of vegetables!
Begin by preparing your vegetables: dice the sweet potato, slice the red pepper and leave the carrots exactly as the are!  Next, heat a frying pan on the hob with a generous glug of olive oil.  While the pan is heating up pop the carrots into the microwave (covered with a splash of water) for 2 minutes to soften.  Add the diced potato to the pan and once it begins to brown and soften add the sliced pepper and slightly softened carrots.  Add another dash of olive oil at this point so the vegetables are well covered.  Move the vegetables around the pan for about 15 minutes until they’re lovely and soft & golden brown then add the cooked prawns and curry powder.  Cook for a further 5 minutes then serve on a bed of green leaves and garnish with chopped coriander.  Easy and delicious, Enjoy!
I’m always looking for quick and easy meals for one, let me know yours!

Introducing the Paleolithic skin diet…

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Never did my face sprout a blemish or spot of any relevance until the day I turned 25.  I was lucky enough in high school to avoid the morning battle between the white-headed beast and the mirror, which so many of my friends had to routinely endure.  I didn’t partake in the premature layering of foundation from the jaw upwards, but in the last two weeks I haven’t left the house without makeup.  I’ve been having serious skin trouble of late so I thought I’d share with you my first port of call in battling adult acne.  My friends and family would say I’m overreacting but underneath carefully applied concealer lies the secret I’m confessing to you now.  I’ve decided firstly change my diet.  I’m learning a lot about the steps to beautiful skin, and as it turns out people suffering from acne have trouble metabolising sugar properly.  My affair with sugar is over.  No more caramel lattes, sneaky muffins, baked beans, biscuits dipped in tea or chocolate fixes… for two weeks anyway.  My skin diet of choice is the paleolithic kind which you can find more about here.  It’s effectively a caveman’s diet but given the year we’re in no hunting is required.  I’m not a big fan of diets in general but this one has a purpose.  Join the club!  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

A post royal wedding post: what to wear to a Summer wedding.

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It’s that time of year.  No doubt wedding invitations are flying through your letter box and you’re asking yourself, what the hell am I going to wear??

When requested to attend a Summer wedding – often outdoors – what to wear poses many questions; is the colour ok? Will the weather hold out? Is my skirt too short? You get the gist.  Last week I heard a very well to do gentleman confess to his wife that no one would be looking at her anyway so she needn’t bother spending much time deliberating over her outfit.  I could have knocked his living daylights out, especially since he proclaimed as such while wearing a socks & sandals combo (the ultimate crime), a move that will get you copious amounts of unwanted attention!  This post is dedicated to his wife, because YES people will be looking at you and wouldn’t you want to look your best?

After royal wedding frenzy, which I thought was fantastic by the way, most women will be caught up in the excitement.  My flatmates and I enjoyed a tea party fit for the Queen with cucumber sandwiches (minus the crusts), scones and lots and lots of bubbly.  I thought Kate (for I can’t quite get used to calling her Catherine) in Alexander McQueen looked classically stunning with a satisfying touch of vintage charm.  I was none to impressed with Philip  Treacy’s baroque antler creations worn by sisters Beatrice and Eugenie, and secretly hoped they might have battled it out at some point during the days events.  Aside from the royal wedding guests, whom the world watched shimmy down the altar there is a serious lack of unique inspiration.  When it comes to weddings, from the guests point of view, there is little help and more often than not you might end up somewhere between the high school prom and Cheltenham races.

It’s worth deciding what to wear at least a week in advance.  If you are lucky enough to utilize something in your existing wardrobe – great, but do try on the complete outfit so you know it still fits and doesn’t need a specialist clean!  Last Summer I had three weddings all within a few weeks of each other.  I had ONE dress and smashed my own ‘cost per wear’ record, simply changing my hairstyle or bag for each wedding.

The invitation may give some indication as to the dress code.  White tie requires the women to wear long dresses, with black tie length of dress is optional although it should be ‘dressy’ and formal dress will require a cocktail or long dress.  Smart-casual does not mean jeans!!  You may laugh but I have seen it!  I also witnessed a Father of the Groom change from a kilt & shirt into jeans and a white ‘wife-beater’ vest – I won’t forget it. If there is no formal request in terms of attire try to gauge the dress-code from the formality and quality of the invite.  If in doubt, ask!  Remember this is a VERY special occasion so it is always better to dress-up rather than to dress-down.    In terms of hair & make-up my advice would be to avoid tacky up-dos and heavy make-up at all costs!  Natural is best.   If you don’t wear skirts or dresses there is nothing wrong with wearing trousers.  I’ve selected a few different dresses here, here, here with corresponding hats, fascinators, bags & shoes.  Choose something which doesn’t make such a statement that you’ll never want to wear it again, keep accessories simple and heels low(ish).  Floral prints in pastel shades are a must for Summer weddings.  Add a wide chiffon bow to a classic floral printed shift dress if you’re strapped for cash and make your own wrist corsage.

There are a few rules that MUST be followed:

  • Tradition dictates that guests should NEVER wear white or cream unless requested.
  • If you decide to wear black, make sure you add a splash of colour in ‘acceptance’ of the wedding.
  • Avoid short skirts and too much cleavage – Gypsy weddings are NOT the norm.
  • Don’t ignore the dress-code, it has been given for a reason!
  • NEVER upstage the bride, subtlety is the key.
I hope you enjoy my mish-mash of inspirational styles below.

Don’t forget the confetti…

Remember to sign the guestbook…

Spring-cleaning your clothes part 2: Hosiery help (tights, socks & stockings)

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I hope you enjoyed the first part of my current ‘Spring-cleaning’ your wardrobe series; a light-hearted insight into caring for your clothes from shoes upwards.  If you haven’t yet read the first part, check it our here.  We’ve covered boot, shoes and other now the spotlight’s on hosiery.  We’re talking all garments worn on your feet and legs encompassing leggings, socks, stockings and tights!

The easiest way to avoid hosiery depreciation – according to various tight manufacturers – is to handle with care.  Some suggest washing bags and protective gloves as a precautionary measure!  Realistically, who has time to handle hoisery gently, I know I don’t.  Usually my mornings are spent desperately seeking out a pair of tights that A. Don’t have any holes in the crotch  B. Don’t have ladders which are far beyond the realms of a coat of clear nail varnish and C. Oh, so I now have NO tights.  Great.  I decided to sort out my tight/sock drawer to avoid these morning issues and use the extra time to tend to my blooming flowers.  Yep, Im growing flowers in my room which will eventually (if they continue to grow) be replanted into bigger vessels and displayed beautifully on my window sill just in time for Summer.  If anyone knows where I might find rustic terracotta, possibly chipped, round plant pots please let me know!  So that’s what i’ll be doing instead of searching for a pair of matching socks.  What will you do with the extra time in the morning??

I began by sorting through a mountain of colours & an array of patterns and discovered that a serious scale-down was in order.  Im getting rid of any garishly printed socks as they have no use for me now.  I don’t need to consult my socks to determine the day of the week, whether or not I’ve ‘popped my cherry’ or for anyone else to discover who my favourite cartoon character is.  Leave those numbers for nearby Dads!!

I’ve kept 3 pairs of trainer socks for exercise, which I have been partaking in a lot of late since joining Edinburgh City Bootcamps which I can highly recommend to anyone keen on fast fitness and renewed motivation!  I also kept 3 pairs of short socks (ranging from grey t0 black in shade), 4 pairs of knee high socks (grey, navy, black, orange), 3 quirky pairs (black lace, black fishnet, white with lace trim) and 5 pairs of 100 denier tights.  I’ve figured that if I don’t do any washing for 2 weeks, I’m covered.  What will I do with the socks which didn’t qualify I hear you say?  I’ll be keeping a few odd socks for dusting purposes – they are brilliant because you can simply pop them over your hand and clean an array of surfaces – fits like a glove!  The rest I’ll pop into my local clothing bank as well as keeping 1 pair of inadequate tights for daylight robbery AKA driving lessons, train journeys, petrol etc…

I did come across one useful tip to take into consideration when caring for your tights, “do not dry on or near direct heat” ie the radiator, something which I have always done because I love the feeling of putting on warm tights in the morning, this is a habit I’m willing t kick if it means one less pair of tights to replace!  With socks, the key is to put them into their pairs as soon as they’re dry so you don’t end up with mismatched pairs, if this is something you can’t favthom you might want to consider purchasing THROX, the foolish idea from Edwin Heaven, “if tyres come with a spare, why not socks?”  Hmmmm.  Moving away from pratticalities and back to practicalities – socks and tights are supposed to be folded as opposed to tied in a knot, the elasticity becomes weaker when using this method so it’s not advisable!!  There you have it.

If you have nothing left to wear on your feet it might just be time to invest in some beautiful new leg-wear.  With tights you definitely get what you pay for, I find they hold their elasticity for longer, remain opaque and snag-free and don’t end up around your ankles.  I would recommend John Lewis’s own brand of 80-100 denier* tights but having recently splashed out on Wolford’s 80 denier matt opaque tights there’s no going back.  I have washed and washed those bad boys and they truly remain perfect – walk away from the £2 multi pack, you’ll not regret it!  On the web, my personal favourites are Henry Holland’s new fringed hold-ups, Asos’s mildly unwearable yet confusingly satisfying tabaco tights and Jonathan Aston’s sweet rose anklets.

Happy folding!

*Denier:  Technically denier relates to the weight or thickness of the yarn from which the tights are woven.  The lower the denier the sheerer the appearance and the more likely the material will snag.  Denier ranges from ultra sheer (10 denier) to mega thick opaque (don’t think that’s the exact technical term) which is 100 denier and my personal denier of choice!.  Tights are functional as well as asethically pleasing.  Nope, not only do they serve the purpose of hiding hairy, white or bruised legs but they keep you cool, warm and can even make you slim!  Wayhey!  Look out for Scala Bio-Fir leggings and tights which claim to slim hips and thighs by as much as an inch and are available in John Lewis.

An inspirational outfit for an Easter weekend Party

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Inspiration is all around us and can be found in the most unlikely places,  but sometimes it’s nice to recreate a look that’s right in front of you.  I am particularly fond of this outfit because it can be so easily compiled using your existing wardrobe – which is what I’m all about!  Bring together city shorts, a lace vest top or body, granny chic socks & ANY heels and a piece of wide ribbon or a chiffon scarf tied in a bow for your hair.  Add some chunky accessories and wallah!  If you have a plain wooden chunky bracelet why not paint your own design.  The most unique aspect of this outfit is obviously the silk printed jacket which can be recreated using a short dressing gown or bed jacket – and if this is something you don’t have hanging around I found some here and here.  Quick, quick, quick though as bidding ends soon!  Another perfectly feasible idea might be to use a 100% silk men’s short sleeve printed shirt, something like this one!  Using sharp scissors, start cutting from the hem of the shirt up button stand (about 2″ in), up and around the neck (removing the collar) and finally down the other side (cutting of the buttons).  If said shirt doesn’t belong to you, just nip in at the waist using a safety pin and tuck the collar underneath.  There’s a chance of course that your experimentation might go horribly wrong and you’ll end up somewhere between Miami Vice and Hawaii Five-O,- neither of which should ever be considered inspiring – but it’s worth a try!  I may just have to try this myself and post a demonstration…   Good Luck!